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Well-Researched Ideas For the Curious Brain

The internet is noisy. Separating noise from the signal is overwhelming.

How much valuable time and energy do you waste sifting through useless, clickbait content on the web?

My mission is to help you cut through the noise, save valuable time and get smarter each day.

Each week, I hunt for the best well-researched ideas across a wide range of disciplines: science, art, philosophy, psychology, history, design and more. After capturing the prey of best ideas, I cook them with spices of timeless wisdom and prepare an exotic dish of carefully curated ideas.

Then I feed the hungry brains of 10,000 strong members of The Smarter Brain newsletter. Our readers include teachers, artists, CEOs, scientists, leaders, students and more, driven by an obsessive curiosity to understand the world.

I don’t have all the answers, but I hope you’ll be inspired to wake up smarter each day.

Your black belt researcher,


P.S. For those concerned about prestige: our work has been featured in several media outlets including Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Quartz, and more.

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