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Best Coffee Table Books

Looking for good coffee table books? On this page you’ll find a curated list of the best coffee table books to show off to guests in your home. Enjoy!

The 10 Best Coffee Table Books Of All Time

1. National Geographic: The Photographs by Leah Bendavid-Val



Synopsis: From the famous Afghan girl whose haunting green eyes stare out from the book’s cover, and her poignant story that captured the world’s interest, to award-winning photography culled from the Society’s vast archives, The Photographs offers readers an inside look at National Geographic and a sharp-eyed view of the world.

2. The Art Book by Phaidon Press


Synopsis: An A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques. 

3. Setting the Family Free by Eric D. Goodman

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Synopsis: This expanding story unfolds through the innovative use of multiple narratives, news broadcasts, newspaper articles, press conferences, political tapes, and quotes from experts, eyewitnesses, and those closest to the unfolding events. Who are the heroes; who are the victims? Who decides?

4. Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs by Ansel Adams


Synopsis: The photographs are arranged chronologically into five major periods, from his first photographs made in Yosemite and the High Sierra in 1916 to his work in the National Parks in the 1940s up to his last important photographs from the 1960s.

5. “Vanity Fair” Portraits by Graydon Carter

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Synopsis: ‘Vanity Fair Portraits’ traces the cultural history of the 20th century and its leading personalities in the pages of a magazine that helped usher in the modern age and which has itself become a benchmark of modern achievement.

6. Portraits by Steve McCurry


Synopsis: In 1985, McCurry photographed an Afghan girl for the “National Geographic”. The intensity of the subject’s eyes and her compelling gaze made this one of contemporary photography’s most celebrated and best-known portraits.

8. Gnomes by Will Huygen


Synopsis: Abrams launched Gnomes into the hearts of Americans in 1977 and quickly racked up astrognomic sales in bookstores across the country, ultimately achieving a 62-week run on the New York Times best-seller list. Come join in the 20th-anniversary fun as gnomania strikes again!

9. China: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter


Synopsis: From the subtropical jungles of Yunnan to the frozen wastes of Heilongjiang; across the scalding deserts of Xinjiang and beneath Hong Kong’s neon blur. Tramping through China by train, bus, boat, motorcycle, mule or hitching on the back of anything that moved.

10. At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries by Estelle Ellis


Synopsis: At Home with Books is a visual delight, a helpful resource, and an inspiration for every bibliophile with a growing home library. Includes professional advice on editing and categorizing your library; caring for your books; preserving, restoring, and storing rare books; finding out-of-print books; and choosing furniture, lighting, and shelving.

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