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The Winner’s Curse: Why Success Is More Dangerous Than Failure.

In 2018, Germany—the reigning World Cup champions—were tipped to win and retain the biggest prize in the game of football. The German football team had a reliable track record of World Cup success since the 1930s: four-time winners, second and third place finishes...

The Envy Trap: Why We Compare Ourselves to Others and How to Stop It.

In 2011, Mina Cikara, a social psychologist at Harvard University, recruited 18 hardcore baseball fans who supported either the Red Sox or Yankees—arguably the fiercest rivalry in American sports. 1 Cikara, Mina; Botvinick, Matthew M.; Fiske, Susan T. (2011-03-01)....

Why Embracing Imperfection Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

It’s easy to get carried away with the never-ending search for the perfect plan to achieve our goals. Whether we’re looking for the best diet plan to lose weight, the perfect idea for a book, or project, the best business strategies and so on, the pursuit of...

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