Building AI chatbots trained on private data.

Hi, I'm Mayo Oshin — an AI consultant and writer. I help B2B organizations build high performance AI chatbots that significantly boost productivity, cut operating costs, and improve business performance.

I was an early contributor and developer advocate for the popular AI framework LangChain (3.5+ million people reached through my AI content so far).

I'm also the founder of Siennai Analytics , an AI consulting company that has delivered strategic consultations and training to leaders at leading institutions including Evercore, University of Pennsylvania, BCG, PwC and more.

I launched the Chat with data newsletter to help leaders sift through the noise on the web and uncover cutting-edge insights on building high performance AI chatbots trained on private data.

As a writer on habits, my work has been featured in various leading publications, including Business Insider, Quartz, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, and more. You can browse the archive of 100+ essays on productivity and habits.